Meta MoCo This Week
by Harry / July 26, 2008

Tomás García de la Huerta's mountain- and ocean-side pool in Quintay, Chile at Plataforma Arquitectura.

This week's MoCo picks.

+ Architects Collective and at.103's Ozuluama house, a brand new modern home that sits on top of an apartment building from the 1940's in Mexico City at noticias arquitectura.

+ dRN Arquitectos' 122 sq. meter Casa Cerro Tacna beach house at Plataforma Arquitectura.

+ Tina Roeder's White Plastic Chair series, she "transforms old, decaying lawn chairs into objects of beauty. Each chair is individually perforated and sanded to create a unique piece.". Via designklub.

+ Michelle Hamer's embroidered infographics at boicozine.

+ Javier Mariscal's Beijing 2008 basins for Roca. Via designboom via trendsnow.

+'s minimalist Veloheld bicycle, "a pared-down bicycle for cycling in the city" is a fixed gear.

+ Marc Newson's Baccarat crystal Atmos 561 mechanical clock for Jaeger LeCoultre. "Using small temperature changes in the encapsulated environment for power, Atmos clocks can run for years without human intervention.". Via Cool Hunting.

+ PosiMotion's A Level iPhone app that uses the device's built-in accelerometer to measure levels. "Great for picture frames, tables, anything in need of alignment. Use it in portrait mode, landscape mode, or face-up mode!". Via Apartment Therapy and Gizmodo.

+ QR codes jump off the page onto fences and sewn labels. Via Core77, boingboing and DesignNotes.

+ Pingmag interviews artists Walter Martin and Paloma Muñoz, the makers of the "tiny little drama" snow globes. "It's more in the same line of things going bad; strange situations you might encounter in a dream more than reality.".

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