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by Harry / July 12, 2008

4site architecture's Camelia cottage renovation+extension project for a terrace house in Melbourne. "Whilst respecting the quality of space in the existing terrace house, I aimed to give a clear indication that this is a dramatic insertion at the back of the property at this point in time.". Via [pushpullbar]2 and Judit Bellostes.

This week's MoCo picks.

+ Qrooz, Huibert Groenendijk's house boat/ cruise ship, "Qrooz can be a home or an office or whatever you imagine it to be.". Via DESIGNWS.COM.

+ Diary of a Vermont Eco Builder, the story of a 2,000 sq. ft. green home being built in Vermont. "They were able to secure an in-town lot and decided to design and build something that was affordable, sustainable, and stylish.". Via materialicious and Jetson Green.

+ NYTimes slideshow of the building of the "Prefab Five", five prefab houses in Midtown Manhattan for the Home Delivery: Fabricating the Modern Dwelling show at MoMA. In a related piece, read about the construction, especially "Chunking" and NextGen SmartWrap, at TreeHugger.

+ Rapid manufacturers meet, Ponoko visits Unto this Last in London. "Unto This Last say that the process that they have developed allows them "to manufacture your order to measure, within a week, at the price of mass-production.". Via TreeHugger.

+ Royal College of Art's Design Interactions 2008 show at Core77.

+ New Designers 2008 award winners featured New Designer of the Year award winner Max Frommeld.

+ Agnieszka Bartosiewicz's Pattern Recognition sideboard at Core77 "featuring over 3500 holes to create customized patterns with colored felt pieces."

+ Ramei Keum's Universe Watch, "based on the solar system revolving around the sun. The centre of the clock (the sun) remains still whilst jewels rotate to display the hours and minutes.". Via designboom.

+ British design studio Public's prototype Poptop hard-shell luggage system featuring customizable dot-matrix graphic. Via designboom.

+ Designguide.TV's The little wild garden of love, a walk through of Moroso's exhibit during Milan Design Week. Tord Boontje explains: "Along the way you can experience different emotions by choosing different directions and visions: the peace and calmness of the serene and romantic white garden, the powerful stimuli of the psychedelic and symmetrical garden or the vibrant energy of the colourful and revitalising garden.".

+ Bastoni lighting by Jaime Hayon for metalarte, "Combining humor with functionality, Hayon designed the Bastoni collection so that it could be comfortably dragged around the house for reading.". Via designklub.

+ The Pattern Foundry, "an archive of decorative patterns, open for anyone to license and use, created by designers and artists from around the world.". Via sub-studio design blog.

+ AEG's Competence induction wok, "features 4 induction zones including 2 powerful boosters, supremely easy to use and clean touch sensitive control buttons, 9 stage digital power level display, electronic timer and minute minder, and safety control lock.". Via Appliancist.

+ ... and the Elica Collection Karma hood, a wall mounted hood that expands when in use. Also via Appliancist.

+ ForeverLawn, "a synthetic turf product that is both environmentally friendly (recycled plastic water bottles are used in the manufacturing process) and aesthetically appealing.". Via Remodelista.

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