Made in China: MoCo Loco heads to Shanghai
by Harry / June 26, 2008

This week we're off to China to cover 100% Design Shanghai, the country's first trade show devoted to contemporary furnishings. After London and Tokyo it's the third location for the fair, which in the past 13 years has established itself as a global forum for cutting-edge ideas and emerging talent. The Chinese installment should prove no exception, comingling heavy-hitting international players Droog, Vitra, Tom Dixon with homegrown brands like Design Republic and Neri & Hu. But it also promises to offer a unique twist to the expected trade-show fare, providing insight into the economic and social forces at play within this global superpower--as well as a closer look at a national design scene that flies somewhat under the radar (and takes a back seat to its identity as major manufacturing hub).

For the inside scoop, we're trailing the show's creative directors: maverick designer Tobi Wong and art/design journalist Aric Chen. Both New York-based talents are of Chinese descent, and their own mixed-up heritage and multicultural outlook is sure to influence the look and the feel of 100 % Design Shanghai.


Tobias Wong & Arik Chen

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