Meta MoCo This Week
by Harry / June 21, 2008

sporadical s.r.o.'s weekend Wooden House, "The building is designed on three levels - an open residential ground floor, an enclosed bedroom floor, and a rooftop terrace.". Via archiweb and designboom.

This week's MoCo picks.

+ Peter Haimerl Studio für Architektur's Das schwarze Haus was originally built in the 30's and recently updated with black asphalt shingles that cover top and sides, with opposite sides painted white. At Judit Bellostes.

+ Sebastián Irarrázaval's 140 sq. meter prefab La Reserva, cross shaped to take advantage of the nearby landscape. At Arch Daily.

+ And also from Arch Daily, G Ateliers' green roofed Finca El Retorno Eco Shelters, that "minimize the impact on the site and achieve a delicate fusion of architecture and place.". Also at noticias arquitectura.

+ Yasuko Bell's Ladder Up shelving unit, part of the Royal College of Art 2008 Graduate Summer Show at DeTank.

+ Designguide.TV's Curiosity Cabinet (connecting real objects and RFID), Design Academy Eindhoven grad Jon Stam shows his unique portfolio in the form of a wooden cabinet. "His work is presented in two distinct ways, opening the drawers and looking at objects and pictures stored in the cabinet or by taking out a drawer and placing it on the RFID reader which shows the content on a computer.".

+ Kanye West gets 15 glow-in-the-dark Nooka Zub watches for his Glow in the Dark tour. Via Core77.

+ LIFEGOODS' Serie office furniture and Two Lamps. Serie is a collection that includes a simple desk with a slot in the middle for cabling and a modular, angled storage system that can be used stacked, or not. Two Lamps is a table lamp and flashlight in one, detach the top for the portable light. Via Avide Designer.

+ reddot design award winner KINZO AIR, angled "sporty-futuristic" office furniture. Via

+ Smart; GE Caulk Singles, "single-use disposable packages of caulk, reinvent the caulking experience for the consumer by putting an end to caulk guns and hard-to-use squeeze tubes.". Via

+ Metropolitan Home launches another shelter mag; Fulcrum magazine aimed at architects and contractors. "Fulcrum editor Marisa Bartolucci, who worked at Metropolis years ago, has borrowed ideas from digital publishing. For the first issue, for example, she recruited Stephen Burks, founder of Readymade Projects, to stick comments on the pages. The intention was to approximate the spontaneous commentary of blogging...". Via Dwell Blog.

+ Why approximate? Bloggers can start magazines themselves thanks to The Magazineer Derek Powazek and a little help from HP at MagCloud.

+ And the week wouldn't be complete without designer action figures. Via architechnophilia.

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