MoCo Submissions
by sabine7 / June 5, 2008

+ Iosa Ghini is launching a series of elegant wood wallcoverings for 2008, a far cry from the paneling of the 1970s. Three versions are available, in a range of tones and grains.

+ The Mold-One is a recent bench/lounge from studioEXIT that can be used as seating and as a table. When the Mold-One is flipped over, the contoured look changes altogether.

+ Calamity is recycled seating by James Lear, included in a project entitled Flaw and Function where value is placed in the notion of failure.

+ The Blue Lounge CableBox is simple, fire retardant and to the point: conceal wire clutter and keep dust out.

+ The House candle holder from Sonodesign uses the candle as a chimney. It's no fun if there's no hot wax.

+ The latest in two-piece vases comes to us from Alessandro Bêda.

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