ICFF 2008: Visual Reference Studio
by sabine7 / May 21, 2008

The theme of Visual Reference Studio's booth (now known as NunoErin) at ICFF was Thermosensitive Experiences. The Mississippi-based design team of Erin Hayne and Nuno Gonçalves Ferreira is behind the Swamp Collection, a series of heat-sensitive stools and lounges that integrate materials that allow the surface to change colour temporarily in response to body heat or ambient heat. Far from being a gimmicky fad option, the collection is a class act that encourages users to interact with objects in order to enjoy tactile experiences. Visual Reference Studio's new collection includes Touch wall panels for public spaces and the Please Touch pillows that offer a smaller scale thermosensitive option. A new colourway was also presented, so that there is also the option of seeing the red material change to violet.

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