The Pod Hotel
by Harry / May 19, 2008

This ICFF weekend the editors of MoCo Loco stayed at The Pod Hotel on the East side of New York City. What can I say first about The Pod? The Roomlinx internet blows. On several occasions this editor was blocked for using too much bandwidth while uploading images for the two preceding show posts. When it was working the internet would also simply stop working. Which explains why so few photos and posts. A big thank you to Treehugger for the desk and internet access I've got now to write this.

That said, The Pod is true to it's name, the rooms are very small... but smartly functional. The room I had reminded me of a train sleeper, with each square inch maximized for utility and instructions for use of the bed (the pillows are in the closet). Other cues; a small inset stainless washbasin and mirror off to one side and a small shower and toilet behind a sliding glass door. The rooms may be small but they're fully equipped with a desk and chair and both task lighting and a big fluorescent on the ceiling. There's a nice modern lobby and lounge and an outdoor patio garden where they serve breakfast. The elevators are small and slow so stay on a lower floor. As for services in the neighboorhood, there's a Pax restaurant 100% on one corner and a Food Emporium 100% on the other as well as several finer restaurants scattered along the street. If it weren't for the internet access problems, and maybe the elevator, this would be a great place to stay. See the room after the jump.

Large couch during the day, bed at night.

Airplane sized inset stainless sink and mirror.

Shower (plenty of hot water BTW) and toilet with sliding door.


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