Milan Design Week 2008: Artecnica
by sabine7 / April 24, 2008

Artecnica had a tidy show of new offerings in Zona Tortona last week, and it was quite exciting to see Anemone, the new lighting by Heath Nash, because it is great to see that a major producer has recognized this young South African’s talents. Anemone is quite malleable, as its four cells allow the piece to be manipulated. The tranSglass mirror by Tord Boontje and Emma Woffenden, above, is topped by a dog mask mosaic and made by artisans in Guatemala. Most of the pieces in the Studio Tord Boontje collection, Witches’ Kitchen, are created in Guatemala, Brazil and Colombia. Inga Sempé’s Double Stray lamps are inspired by Chinese paper lanterns and the Kaktus stool by Enrico Bressan has obvious references. The WirePod by Joris Laarman is an in-your-face electrical product that says “Hey, let’s not hide the fact that we use all these wires.”


Anemone by Heath Nash

Double Stray by Inga Sempé

Witches' Kitchen by Studio Tord Boontje

Witches' Kitchen by Studio Tord Boontje

Wirepod by Joris Laarman

TranSglass by Tord Boontje & Emma Woffenden

Kaktus by Enrico Bressan

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