Milan Design Week 2008: Droog
by sabine7 / April 22, 2008

Droog Design’s Milan installation focused on A Touch of Green by providing inspiration on sustainability from a variety of angles. By no means does Droog claim to have an answer, but points out that even thinking about limiting waste is of some worth. Among the pieces that really stood out was the flock print by Jenny Bergström mounted outside and worked as a visible display of the polluted air. Martín Azúa’s Plaited Fence shows how plastic bags can be used again and the Cosy Chair by SMAQ reminds us that the entire room might not need to be heated if we can concentrate the warmth precisely where it is needed. The chair is radiator tubing that can be plugged in, diffusing heat where needed. It is hot for keeping the tea warm and warming up the feet and slippers, lukewarm on the legs and warm for the back and spine. Martin d’Esposito created a contract with his table, swearing to take care of the table for life and Jens Praet showed two versions of a table made from a days worth of paper waste. Adrien Rovero's lighting is geared towards the use of energy-saving bulbs and the Touch Wood series shows how fabric can be substituted for exotic or protected woods. More from Droog after the jump.


Plaited fence by Martin Azúa

Crystal Virus: Massive Infection by Pieke Bergmans

This is the air we breathe by Jenny Bergström

Till death do us part by Martino d'Esposito & Franck Bragigand

Magnetic Curtain by Florian Kräutli and Drive-In Wardrobe by Gaële Girault

Magnetic Curtain by Florian Kräutli

Touch Wood by Minale-Maeda

One Day Paper Waste by Jens Praet

Chest of Drawers by Tejo Remy

Saving Grace by Adrien Rovero

Cosy Chair by SMAQ

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