Come Up To My Room: Part 1
by sabine7 / February 27, 2008

Curated by Pamila Matharu and Christina Zeidler, Come Up To My Room just celebrated its fifth anniversary at the Gladstone Hotel during Toronto’s recent design festivities. The event, a highlight of the week, brings together a variety of artists and designers who create site-specific work that manages to flow through the space, almost as though following a theme. But the theme here is creativity and the curators give free reign to the installation artists, waiting with bated breath to see it all come together. This Is Collective created a bedroom setting, a massive animal trap that could be released over the curious onlookers who scrambled over the steak-stencilled bedspread to peer into 16 peepholes, each depicting a diorama of something its creator thought seductive. CUTMR is a lively event where dialogue between curators, artists, designers and visitors flows freely and there truly is something for every taste or mood. Much more after the jump.

+ Come Up To My Room

Sidewalk advertising

Eric Chan's work on the outside of the Gladstone Hotel, also repeated inside in a common space.

Back to the Drafting Board Chaise by the Brothers Dressler who filled an airy room with their wooden designs.

Rack by the Brothers Dressler, based on their collection of wooden shoe lasts.

I Am Not Garbage chair by Pietro Gagliano and Peter Wehrspann for We The Consumed, part of a display that incorporated medium, message and lots of ideas.

I Am Home Grown table by Pietro Gagliano and Peter Wehrspann for We The Consumed

Ceramic figure with traditional Ukrainian egg head by Julie Moon for Vesna Sontse curated by Magic Pony. Magic Pony, a great gallery as well as store for urban vinyl, put together a very effective "grandmother's house" theme, in total contrast to the store.

The Trap by This is Collective. Creepy! But we were drawn right in and later it was fun to watch everyone else crawl over the bed, bums in the air.

The Trap details: steak stencil and peepholes by This is Collective. We loved looking at the tiny dioramas, especially the Saturday Night Fever video.

Lighting by Covello Reesor

Nest by DB Johnson for the Treehouse Furniture Company. We climbed the ladder to this cosy people-sized nest.

Seating by Martin Rosen

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