Meta MoCo This Week
by Harry / February 23, 2008

This week's MoCo picks.

+ Eric Reinholdt’s Maine Longhouse, "Our modern take on the Native American Longhouse allots 1600 s.f. of living space, 3 bedrooms, and 2 baths for our family of four.". Via materialicious.

+ Kyu Sung Woo Architects' Interlocking Puzzle Loft, "The upper level (the bedroom, as it were) is divided into two sleeping alcoves, separated by an L-shaped catwalk, hovering above the closets.". Via materialicious.

+ Cabin by Lode Architects at Wallpaper, "blends a down-at-heel agricultural aesthetic with serene craftsmanship.". Via Dezain.

+ stockholm Furniture Fair 08: Greenhouse Schools Pt. 1 at designboom featuring Bastian Bisehoff & Per Emanuelsson's Surveillance floor lamp, Pauline lounge chair by Christoffer Angell, Concrete carpet by Elin Molander and Flasklight bottles by Andreas Klippinge.

+ Mika Tolvanen's grid inspired Soft Low easy chair for KFF. Via designboom.

+ The Moab 80 AIS All Inclusive Sink, "entirely eliminates the need for a faucet. Rather, the water system is totally integrated to allow a mini-waterfall within the sink". Via Trendir.

+ Jorre van Ast's collection of jar tops for RoyalVKB transform everyday jars into a sugar pot, milk jug, chocolate sprinkler, oil&vinegar set and a water jug. Via DESIGNWS.COM.

+'s video of Design Academy Eindhoven graduate Philippe Malouin, "All designs are inspired by simple every day objects like balloons or pens" or a car wash.

+ DESIGNSPOTTER presents their FABULOUS FIFTY video, a brief video tour of their booth at January's IMM Cologne.

+ Firewinder, "a decorative, 100% wind-powered outdoor light which harnesses the power of the wind". Via Josh Spear.

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