Behind the Blog: MoCo Loco
by Harry / February 22, 2008

Ryan over at Apartment Therapy's Unplggd has just posted a story titled Behind the Blog: MoCo Loco. It's a recurring item on Unplggd that looks at the spaces where bloggers work. There's an interview with me, some pictures of the office in Montreal where I work and the mess-which-is-my-desk. The space is actually the unofficial headquarters for MoCo Loco and the official HQ for Praized, a startup I'm part of that's making a web-based local search service for bloggers. For MoCo Loco this is only part of the picture though, there are a lot of bloggers who contribute to MoCo Loco from all over; Sabine in Ottawa, Jean in Tokyo, Sally in San Francisco, Jaime in Boulder, Greg in Calgary, Joshua in Chicago, Gimena in Milan, Luis in London and Joey in New York. More to follow.

You can read more about Praized here and see the full Behind the Blog: MoCo Loco here.

The mess-which-is-my-desk.

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