MoCo Submissions
by sabine7 / February 19, 2008

+ I-Beam’s Chemical Light looks as though the fixture is full of levitating liquid light, but is made of standard industry materials.

+ Walls Like Pictures and we like the pictures that they want us to put on the walls. This new collection has a great variety of styles that are a little fresher than the ordinary. The one pictured centre, Ramshackle Hut, would allow any space to look pulled together, by comparison.

+ The prize-winning C7 washbasin by Marike Andeweg is just one example of the sleekness inherent to the Marike bathroom collection.

+ Some old school inspiration brings the Space Intruderz ambient lights to life. Atari’s Space Invader game was the obvious muse for Chile’s Unison Idea Studio.

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