This Week from Tokyo
by Jean / February 6, 2008

+ Madoka Sato designs the porcelain Ri-COTTA clock (in black and white) for Lemnos.

+ KUSO MUJI is a site in which designers can offer up designs that are voted on, with the products that get over 1000 votes being produced by MUJI. Via Imprint Talk.

Aluminum House
+ Atelier Tekuto previews a prefab aluminum house with walls that double as thermal radiators.

Wajima x Kakitsubata
+ Catch the "On the Table" exhibition at SFT Gallery (inside the National Art Center, Tokyo) in Roppongi, part of a project that sees a collaboration between the traditional crafts of the city of Wajima and the Kakitsubata store and brand. JS

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