MoCo Submissions
by sabine7 / February 6, 2008

+ Shell is an urn made of pressed paper and designed by LOTS for burials at sea. Shell will dissolve over time, in celebration of man and nature. There is a small pocket at the top for placing notes or tiny objects and messages can be written on the surface.

+ Brio54 is a young design development company getting ready to launch its first prototype, the H-1, a 4-bedroom home for downsloping lots. Floor plans and specifics of the H-1 are available on the website.

+ The Otto von Quast Veggie Jewels collection currently has sterling silver broccoli on the menu, as well as gold peas. And yes, real veggies were harmed to make this product.

+ GamPlusFratesi is launching their new Cartoon chair this week at the Stockholm Furniture Fair.

+ Studio Design Rafaschierii recently completed an interesting project for a church in Metz: modern chancel furniture in magnesium and glass. Very non-traditional!

+ The Z-ball by James Van Vossel is an inflatable ergonomic ball, but its 3 handles are positioned in such a way to allow the user to sit farther forward than on most balls. This supports the loin area more and results in more comfortable seating.

+ Reinier de Jong’s KEER can be a lounger of 2 different heights or a stool, or even combined to form a sofa or bench. The KEER element is 8” wide – it is up to the user to determine the use.

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