MoCo Submissions
by sabine7 / January 21, 2008

+ Nolaster Arquitectos needed to address the issue of strong winds when designing the OS house in Cantabria, Spain. The resulting open space is well protected by the house. The green roof also allows for integration into the surrounding landscape.

+ Samuel Wilkinson and Oloom recently completed work on the Arbre de Flonville, a grouping of outdoor furniture for public space in Lausanne. A steel tree provides shade and its “roots” take the form of benches beneath the wooden canopy.

+ The KOOB bench by Andrew Chau, Jie Chen, Welland Sin, and Francois St-Hilaire, currently studying at McGill University in the Professional Masters in Architecture program, is a contoured piece that is meant to evoke a tree stump or comfortable river rock sculpted by water. There is a leafy texture to sides that brings fossils to mind.

+ Matthias Pliessnig’s new seating, Waive, is a grid of compound curves that allows the piece to be strong, yet lightweight.

+ What a useful slipper design by James Van Vossel for his eponymous line! The centre straps on FLIPS can be flipped in either direction, so they are always at the ready to be stepped into. Looks like there’s enough grip …

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