Joey Roth's 2007 Top 5
by sabine7 / January 8, 2008

I'm attracted to products that tell the story of how they were made through their appearance or function. This criterion barely narrowed down the posts from 2007, so I chose products that were unusually beautiful as well. Two of these five happen to be interviews, because I think MoCoLoco's two question format rocks. Joey's Top 5 after the jump. Leave your Top 5 here.

Tzuri Gueta's silicone jewelry
I love how this jewelry's amazing texture comes from the natural shapes that silicone forms when it's squeezed through mesh. There's very little human input, but the shapes look intricately crafted.

Modal water speaker
I'm not sure what these would sound like, but the fact that I desperately want to hear them after just seeing a picture makes these speakers a successful design in my mind. It looks like a cross between sculpture and lab equipment; I wonder if it would be a safe home for fish (seriously).

Concrete rings
People associate concrete and steel with big designs, and I love how these rings play with this assumption. I also like the contrast between the primitive shapes and finely textured materials.

Naoto Fukasawa interview
Naoto Fukasawa is a major inspiration for me, and I think that's true of most young designers today. I like how Jean's interview touches on the business of design, as well as Fukasawa's thoughtful approach.

Dominic Wilcox
This interview introduced me to Wilcox. He's one of the few designers I've encountered who is able to make visually stunning designs that still have a sense of humor. The skin glove and Post-it tattoo are both extremely clever without relying on a single punchline.


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