This Week from Tokyo
by Jean / January 2, 2008

To kick things off in 2008, here are a few of the design-related New Year cards I received on January 1st (in Japan, all New Year cards are delivered on that day). Keep in mind that 2008 is the year of the rat, according to Chinese astrology, which explains the recurring motif.

To the left, a few shades of gray from Klein Dytham Architecture (KDa), to the right, from IMG SRC/NON-GRID/S2 Factory/Tagle. The smaller card pops out and acts as an invitation ticket for an event the companies have planned at the end of the month. More after the jump.

A Normal card, from Normal.

Kakitsubata Bekkan
A beautiful card that comes in 3 parts from Kakitsubata Bekkan.

Maruni Collection 2008
Not a New Year card, but an invitation I received at the same time for the introduction of the "Maruni Collection 2008" by Naoto Fukasawa. JS

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