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by Harry / December 15, 2007

DESIGNWS.COM's coverage of the Design Miami Fair with 26 galleries.

This week's MoCo picks, the Art Basel Design Miami edition.

+ Archinect's Design Miami photo gallery.

+ Stuart Haygarth's Drop Chandelier, "a chandelier made from the bases of pet water bottles. The performance allowed vistor's to Miami's Chatham building to view Haygarth as he snipped and trimmed the bottles and assembled them together to form the water-drop shaped chandelier." At designboom.

And elsewhere,

+ More of Andrew Maynard's Tattoo House in Australia at Arkinetia, "An extension to an existing 3 bedroom house in Fitzroy North to provide new living and kitchen space for a growing young family.".

+ Guilherme Machado Vaz's Casa del Valle at Plataforma Arquitectura.

+ Hector Serrano's Reduced Carbon Footprint Souvenirs, "this project makes use of stereolithography to produce souvenirs which can be emailed around the world and printed out at their final destination." at designboom.

+ The electrical-tower-like Faraday Stool designed by Dutch duo Teun Fleskens and Ingmar Cramers, "Named after famed English scientist Michael Faraday, noteable for contributions to the fields of electromagnetism and electrochemistry". Via Josh Spear.

+ Rotor's kitchen cabinetry with industrial leftovers, "The paneling of the cupboards for this kitchen is made out laser-cut plywood, an industrial leftover from a company specialized in die-cutting cardboard for the packaging of luxury-goods.". Via NOTCOT.

+ Cool Hunting interviews glass sculpture makers Esque.

+ Chris Kirby, a participant in the superprototype "PROTOTYPE" exhibition, "An exhibition of prototype works from 14 product designers, architects, and other creatives", has put up a Flickr photoset of the event. More on the superprototype blog. Via

+ Art Lebedev's puzzle within a puzzle Puzzlus. Via Core77.

+ The French Consul's Créativité made in France show at Apartment Therapy featured Freya Bardell's Eco Design garden on a wall.

+ PingMag interviews Jen Stark, a paper artist known for "three-dimensional, kaleidoscopic paper art [that] is simply hand-made with dozens of layers of thick coloured paper.

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