MoCo Submissions
by sabine7 / December 14, 2007

+ Andrew Maynard Architects did a simple box extension to a house, the Tattoo House, in Melbourne that makes the most of the space, but the curb appeal is further enhanced by the use of UV stable stickers to provide the opacity required. Images of trees in the park were used to create this supergraphic that softens the impact of adding a modern extension to a neighbourhood of 19th century homes.

+ Veer away from the usual branded mugs with quirky mugs from Love That Mug, like the Vespa Love Mug, the Skully series or the King Me Mug.

+ Akita and Kanoko are two Japanese-inspired lamps just launched by Coco & Co, handmade in collaboration with Léos Créations.

+ Dancing Dragons is steel fireplace for the outdoors that allows the flames to create both warmth and spectacle.

+ Istanbul-based Murat Armagan creates coffee tables with mother-of-pearl inlay in the form of squares, triangles and Escher-inspired patterns.

+ The Once Was comb is a conceptual piece by Rafael Morgan who uses the negative forms of the trees to remind us of the exotic wood illegally exported from developing countries such as Brazil.

+ The Tree Shelf by Sasha and Sinisha Klein is 175 centimetres in height and uses its branches to hold a variety of books and objects. A variety of colours allows for this shelf to be use in installation-like fashion, if one had the space for a forest of belongings. No website available.

+ Sahar Batsry has a Menorah Tree for the holidays that looks particularly seasonal when the candle wax drippings become the decoration.

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