Electrolux Design Lab 2007
by sabine7 / November 26, 2007

This year's Electrolux Design Lab competition winners will be officially announced tomorrow at the International Forum on Design and the Environment in Paris. As they have since the global competition began, Electrolux asked design students to come up with innovative household appliances for the future. That the designs be energy- and water-efficient is a given; they must also “foster sustainable behaviour and product usage.”. The eight finalists hail from around the world and the projects include a fridge with compartments suited for a variety of foods; a home composter and one that will compost plastic bags; a solar-powered cooking pot and an air cleaner powered the same way; a fog shower that uses only 2 litres of water for a 5 minute shower; a combined sink and dishwasher; and a washing machine that uses soap nuts instead of detergent. Photos of all final entries after the jump.

+ electrolux.com

Go Fresh by He Cheng Fei (China).

Pure Washer by Tatjana Voronova (Germany).

Fog Shower by João Diego Schimansky (Brazil).

e-Wash by Levente Szabó (Hungary).

Return Pot by Juan Ying-Hao (Taiwan).

Circompo by Thanat Tengamnuay (Thailand).

Pebble by Laura Pandelle (France).

Nature Wind by Bae Won-Ho (South Korea).


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