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by Harry / October 27, 2007

Périphériques architectes' Maison Go at plataforma arquitectura, "Nous avons conçu la maison GO comme une enveloppe étrange et étrangère renvoyant au minimum à l'image d'une maison si ce n'est par son gabarit. The GO house was conceived as an unusual envelope that barely projects the image of a house if only by its shape."

This week's MoCo picks. UPDATED

+ Sin Den in Tokyo by Klein Dytham Architecture, "a combined home and salon for a couple of young hairdressers in Jingumae, Tokyo... a massive black box with strong graphic images in white lines: a woman with flowers, plants etc.".

+ The glue-lam X-House from Sweden is "being developed and sold for the DIY summer house/ski house market in Sweden. The kit system looks to be simple to build, and they are designed to rest on pier foundations.". See more here. Via materialicious.

+ Also from Sweden, visiondivision's Secret Sauna at A Daily Dose of Architecture, "So at a first glance this sauna may appear to be an anonymous wooden cabin, with no architectural features or ambition. The front façade is windowless; a water proof drape covers the façade on the other side. The sauna has a pointed traditional roof as well, to accomplish this intriguing scam...".

+ pieceHomes premieres seven modern prefab designs at Dwell on Design. Via Inhabitat.

+ Studio Job's seating and Yksi design's lighting at The Designhuis in Eindhoven at DESIGNWS.COM.

+ Design Academy Eindhoven's 2007 graduation show at DESIGNWS.COM, "Transforming language, challenging the senses, and experiencing space and light constitute together with the beauty of concealing, the pleasure of tidying, the delight of touching, and the sheer reality of being, the quests for the quality of life.".

+ ...more DDW and Design Academy Eindhoven at minirobot. Via design*sponge.

+ ...and still more; eat drink design + the graduation galleries - dutch design week 2007 at the style files.

+ Vienna Design Week at designboom.

+ Surrealien wallpaper "a wallpaper company that lets you warp the pattern of the paper over existing objects on the wall". Via design*sponge and Studio Brinson.

+ Johanna Grawunder's 'Just Light' exhibition at the Designer's Gallery in Köln, "Light is the muse of architecture. Integrating light into architecture through a product is the idea behind much of my work.". Via Frame magazine.

+ industria 191's tilting aluminum QTL table lamp. Via Hemfeber.

+ Agustin Otegui's bubbly BLOW lamp. Via DESIGNSPOTTER.

+ mOEbler's King of Siam converging bookshelves. Via DESIGNSPOTTER.

+ Gam Plus Fratesi's Antropomorfo Chairs, "a series of chairs developed combining forms inspired from childrens drawings obviously out of proportions, with materials, colours and details typical from the scandnavian tradition. Via Hemfeber.

+ Wall Cleats and Picket Fence by Karl Zahn who rethinks electrical outlets and loose electrical wires cluttering a room. Via Core77 and swissmiss.

+ Design for the Other 90 Percent at PingMag, "How about improving people's lives and bringing an end to poverty?".

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