Dutch Design Week 2007: Tables & Chairs
by sabine7 / October 24, 2007

Creative tables and chairs are always fun to look at because we can judge their practical applications so well. A couple of gorgeous tables stood out on the weekend at Dutch Design Week, by Demakersvan and Made By Eight. The Stove Table by Reinier Bosch uses hot air passing through the hollow table legs and tabletop from the stove allows for after dinner conversations that never end. A particularly interesting chair is the one made of polyurethane casting resin by Design Academy Eindhoven's Anna ter Haar, which represents "movement congealed in material". Fellow graduating student Jens Schmidt presented the Receiving Chair made of wood connected by pieces of polyurethane rubber, which adapts to the shape of the body. Larger photos after the jump.


Cinderella table by Demakersvan.


Made by Eight.


Kacheltafel (stove table) by Reinier Bosch (Design Academy Eindhoven).


The Receiving Chair by Jens Schmidt (Design Academy Eindhoven).


Buitenbeentjes by Anna ter Haar (Design Academy Eindhoven).


Peli Design.


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