2 Questions for Dominic Wilcox
by sabine7 / October 25, 2007

Dominic Wilcox is definitely an ideas man. His designs never fail to get attention, whether melting toy soldiers into a bowl, creating a leather-clad washing machine or protecting cars and bikes against theft. With studies taken at the Edinburgh College of Art and the Royal College of Art, broken up by a stint in Japan, Wilcox combines intelligence and experience to provoke a groan of “Argh, why didn’t I think of that?” But the biggest draw is the humour – Wilcox imparts a strong sense of humour through his work and that’s what takes us to the crux of it all.

Glove made with cast of Wilcox's hand / Boot with Wilcox's enlarged thumbprint on the sole.

The question I'd most like to ask is how does the seat of your swing hang mid swing...
If I told you the answer then you'd no longer have the question in your head. I don't want to take that away from you. Maybe not knowing and wondering is more fun...


...but I better ask a back up question, just in case. Your ideas are very cheeky – what is your reaction when people just don't get it?
I feel sorry for them..(joke) I sometimes think that I reveal more about myself through my work than I do when just talking to people. If you have an understanding for my work then there is an unspoken connection between you and me. I like the idea that there are people out there in different countries, from different cultures that I've never met, who sometimes share the same thoughts and observations as I do in my life. I really enjoy talking to people through my work. If someone doesn't 'get' my work then they most likely wouldn't 'get' me, if they ever met me...

Notes tattoo for people who ink reminders onto their hands.

The world is already full of 'stuff' – as a designer, why do you choose to create more?
I don't always make objects! I'm currently working on a book of ideas and doodles.... Most stuff created in the world is just a variation on other stuff that already exists. I find that mindnumbingly depressing. I'm not interested in adding to the pile. I only enjoy making objects that I think are saying something new and are innovative in some way.

I rarely walk around big design fairs, but every time I do I think to myself that you could put the innovative stuff in a tiny corner of the room and scrap the rest.

Bic Pens Lighting.


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