miniHome SE
by Harry / October 15, 2007

miniHome, our favorite portable home is now version 2.0 - bigger, better, cheaper. Andy Thomson, the architect behind the original miniHome design, wrote us to let us know that 1) new add-on rooms can now expand the roadworthy design, 2) the basic configuration now sports new materials and systems that vastly improve space efficiency and overall interior liveable space and 3) all at a new lower cost to the buyer. Called the SE, the new model is much more modular than the previous version. A stronger steel chassis permits long cantilevering and new add-on rooms provide a factory made expansion option. Add to that the fact that the "miniHome uses 1/10th the water, fuel and materials, and 1/100th the electrical energy when compared with a conventional home - making it is a true 'Factor 10' - or net-zero house.".


One of three new 8' x 16' expansion modules available for the SE.

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