Dutch Design Week: Preview 2
by sabine7 / October 16, 2007

Dutch Design Week has grown from about 20 participants in 2002 to more than 100 this year. Events take place all over Eindhoven, including exhibits by Dutch Daze (above), Lift Off and the Design Academy Eindhoven. Dutch Daze is a recently founded collective of nine design graduates from Arnhem. They work independently but present themselves as a group. Dutch Daze dazzles with surprising, mind-blowing product design: dancing lamps, rebellious fashion accessories, superb ceramics, and glassware. Dutch Daze consists of Floor van Ast, Jozephine Duker, Marjolein Jochems, Willem van Landeghem, Jaromir Maas, Smoove Business, Spell-online, Lotte van Tongeren, Philipp Wanders.


Dutch Daze.

Lift Off.

Design Academy Eindhoven.


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