Meta MoCo This Week
by Harry / September 1, 2007

Architect Johannes Norlander's House Alta, "160 square meters and built in a town called Älta just outside of Stockholm." at David Report blog.

+ Architect Marià Castelló Martínez's minimalist Pujol of s'Era house + studio in Spain @ Arkinetia.

+ ARCHTEAM's Porch House (Rodinný dům na louce) in Semily, Czech Republic, "a classic rectangle with gable roof, open plan with a loft, rough-hewn exposed beams, metal cladding, skylights, a porch, storage and modern kitchen & bath.". Via materialicious.

+ More trailer park magic, a trailer home is transformed into a contemporary house with UofC Boulder College of Architecture and Planning's TrailerWrap. Via Josh Spear.

+ Lilia Glanzmann and Isabelle Mauchle's Home Hero adjustable design for the home owner at Frame. "The collection exists of four elements: Plattenbau, a magnetic wallpaper in pieces which can be placed over other wallpapers that are died with special metal-containing paint. Revers, bed linen with different designs on each side. Stoffwechsel, a curtain with two different designs which can be reversed. When the sun shines on the curtain the two designs blend together. Wechselwirkung, a picture that works with a sun-blind-like mechanism. When pulling the chord, the motif disappears into a plain wallpaper.".

+ Anji Mountain Bamboo Rug Co.'s bamboo shag rug. Via Behind the Curtains.

+ Johan Carpner's Gläntan pendant light "that gives your room beautiful shadows like a foliage - beautiful and promising atmosphere." at Scandinaviandesign.

+ designboom / bisque competition competition winner 'archibald' by Leo Salzedo from Italy (top) and 'profile' by Ilya Titov from Russia will be presented during this year's London Design Festival.

+ Alberto Medo and Francisco Gomez Paz's 2007 INDEX award-winning Solar Bottle design, "uses simple solar technology to purify dirty drinking water and prevent water-born diseases.". Via Inhabitat.

+ One shape, three products, four functions, Normann Copenhagen presents Form, three products designed by Charles Job. Via

+ The Best of the Tendence 07 Show at Kidsmodern features Katrin Sonnleitner's Persian rug puzzle, Tract design's origami place mats and Studio Lo's Maisonnette laser cut felt birdhouse.

+ Last year Tom Dixon's London Design Festival giveaway was 500 chairs of his own design made of EPS (foam), this year it's a 1000 lights.

+ Bodo Sperlein's illuminated Corian and Swarovski crystal Eclipse Mirror.

+ molo design's softlight, "a family of flexible honeycomb lighting elements.". Via Apartment Therapy.

+ The Umbra Store's giant chandelier out of Flow table lamps at TreeHugger.

+ While drinking tea, I spotted the Muzi Tea gift set over at NOTCOT.

+ The Oranier Domino GFP 2730 gas-under-glass cook top, "gas cooking without open flame.". Via Appliancist.

+ Lynn Kingelin Design Studio's Fire Jacks, "a new ceramic design for gas fires.". Via Nordic Design Blog.

+ outgang's Series X seating, "consisting of seat (X3), table (X2) and footstool (X1). Designed by Graeme Massie Architects, each product has a unique profile which enables it to be rotated into a number of different positions offering maximum versatility from just the one piece.". Via

+ The Prepara Herb Savor "will prolong the life of your fresh herbs for up to 3 weeks" in the fridge. Via happy mundane.

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