Place Mark
by Harry / August 8, 2007

David Amar is a young Israeli designer based in London. He sent us some work from his Place Mark Project, a series of “irregular tables [that] frame occurrences that are hidden from the eye and quote topographies of extinct life.". The project was part of a group show called 'In Front Of Your Nose – Seven survival spaces' where "Amar presented ‘impaired’ tables that constitute situations which relate to 'putting the problem on the table'. Some of the tables function like camera apertures, like vanishing points that conduct the gaze towards the hole and through it. One table, a crack, keeps growing as the table opens.”. The collection features our favorite themes; art, design, function and meaning. More of his work will be on display at designboom’s 'handled with care' exhibition at the London design festival in September. Unfortunately there's no website.






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