BCN: Happy Pills
by Joshua / July 11, 2007

I've been back from Barcelona for over a week, but I still haven't gotten used to my old routine. I have much to talk about (and a prize to give away!), and I couldn't be more excited. Perhaps it's because I've been overdosing on Happy Pills. Jw


Tucked literally between two buildings on Avinguda del Portal de l'Angel, the Happy Pills shop would be fairly easy to miss. That is, if it weren't for the crowd of tourists and gawkers outside the space. I had to wait more than a few minutes to get a clear shot of the facade.



One inside, you're met by a wall of various gummie candies. You pick what size "prescription" you want, then you fill the bottle up to your liking. After that, they seal the bottle with a tamper-proof cap and let you choose which label best suits your mood, in either Spanish or English.


Here were our results:


"Against the unbearable lightness of being", "Against mondays", and "Against the square root".


While the candy is your standard gummie fare (we chose sugared colas, a sort of 'gummie fruit salad' and sour cherry ropes), the process and the presentation are clean, enjoyable, and very memorable, long after the candy has been consumed- which happened very quickly.



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