Montreal This Summer?
by Harry / July 10, 2007

Adriean is coming to town. Holly might be too. Bienvenue dans ma ville! Montreal appears to be on the blogger agenda this Summer, it's on mine, I live here. Summer is the best season for a visit, just ask any Montrealer (nudge, nudge, wink, wink). In fact, I'd like to ask any Montrealer, ex, current or virtual, what their favorite places are in Montreal so that we can share them with Adriean, Holly and Chris who just wrote me; "greetings and salutations from foggy SF, You came to our fair city and now it's our turn to come to yours... I was just wondering if you had any favs. for dining/ shopping/ site seeing/ people watching in Montreal that you could share?". Please leave a comment with your favs. As for my favs, I'm working on an illustrated list of my cherished places that I'll be posting soon (that's les rues St-Denis and Mont-Royal this afternoon, above).

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