MoCo Submissions
by Harry / March 12, 2007

Recent MoCo submissions.

+ Designer Bo Reudler's contemporary-antique Allegoria wordrobe, says Bo; "The old soul of an antique wardrobe has been reborn but is searching to materialise. You see what once was and simultaneously what will be. Delicate porcelain handles are a reminder that it can't quite shake the past. On second thought, it may just vanish back into thin air...". Made of aluminum-blasted plexiglass, stainless steel support frame and porcelain.

+ From's Michael Schmidt, this is spape bathroom furniture for Falper, "our idea was that the furniture should have a strong and clear graphic shape (outlines of the furniture and handle), the washbasin floats on top very softly, like a washed-out rock in a river.".

+ Johnny de Leonadis' OMO candle holder.

+ StauffacherBenz' X series fireplace for Attika Feuer, "a range of spacious fireplaces with customizable appearance.".

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