One of a Kind Show: IMOOI
by Joshua / December 18, 2006

Another space that seemed continually packed at Chicago's One of a Kind Show was the IMOOI booth. New York based designer Anna Chan has created several sleek, vibrant systems of accessories for men and women. Jw

There's a definite playfulness to IMOOI - the shapes are simple, the colors are bright, and there's a flatness to each piece that reminds me of an animation cel. On first glance, everything looked to be geared toward women, without being overtly feminine, but many of the styles transfer over to male-oriented and unisex objects as well.

Bullseye cuff links (stainless steel and multi-layered rubber) and Axis ring.

Everything they create retails for under $100 (USD); there is a commitment to affordability aided by economical materials like stainless steel and rubber. This also adds to the durability of each piece.

Punch bracelet and Mosaic pendant.

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