Adam & Eve Interactive Sleeping Bag
by Harry / December 14, 2006

Pratt design grad Alyona Makeeva's masters thesis was titled Designing for a Better Marriage. One of the thesis products was this Adam & Eve Interactive Sleeping Bag. "My thesis explores the notion of marriage in today’s America, as it’s affected by social changes and cultural tradition, and how design can bring back the affinity and genuine communication into a family. Inside the warm top cover of the sleeping bag are 12 Tyvek panels that can have multiple uses. You and your lover can write your special romantic memories, keep a running diary during a long romantic excursion, copy your favorite love poems, draw, use each panel for an individual theme, or use just one panel per trip to keep a shared "post-card" to record highlights of your times together. You can also use the Adam & Eve Interactive Sleeping Bag at a bridal shower activity where guests can write their well wishes, naughty or romantic suggestions... wherever your creativity takes you! Inside or outside the bag, find your own Garden of Eden!".


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