One of a Kind Show: Englerglass
by Joshua / December 12, 2006

Englerglass, a Pittsburgh company, has been making one of a kind objects since 2003. Flamework artist Dylan Engler and interior designer Amy Otto have an eye for what people want. As soon as I found a break in the crowd around their booth, I took a closer look at their tabletop product. Jw

The One of a Kind Show is primarily a fine art and craft fair - a place where you're bound to find more traditional work than contemporary. Within that spectrum you can find many crossover objects - product that is functionally focused on traditional appeal but that aesthetically or procedurally strives for modernity. This is already hard enough to deal with, considering how much of our current design trends relate almost entirely to historic styles; add in the goal of selling your work, and design becomes much more difficult.

The "Splash" and "Web" bowls by Englerglass are good examples of success within this trend:

Splash Bowl.

Web Bowl.

Organic, but usably structural.


Each piece is unique, but not chaotic, which makes the design more familiar.


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