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by Harry / December 2, 2006

This week's MoCo picks.

+ Alejandro Morales' Casa en La cordillera de Los Andes @ Archinect.

+ Tessa Kuyvenhoven and Bobby Pola's Cassiopeai table @ design*sponge.

+ PingMag's BarberOsgerby designers interview/profile. Q. Why always chairs? A. "Because it is the most difficult and most expressive piece of design you can make.".

+ Swedish prefab manufacturer Modern Living's floating sauna, SeaSauna. Via Inhabitat.

+ Business Of Design Week 2006 @ Core77.

+ Shigeru Ban's Sagaponac House 4 @ [pushpullbar]2. Via Apartment Therapy. The house "employs a spatial division of the house into four seperate zones of public and private use.".

+ The Two Dozens Exhibition @ designboom. "The show features a clock from plastic bags, a pen from water bottles, a calendar from a ruler, a purse from a bra, a lamp from a funnel, a shaking salt shaker, a clock from a number plate and more".

+ Tubor's One monolithic mirrored radiator/clock designed by No Picnic. Via Trendir.

+ Video of Shintaro Yamanaka's Atelier House in Musashikoyama @ 10+1. Via Dezain.

+ New work by Ron Arad for De Pury & Luxembourg at VernissageTV, two videos; one & two. Via Dezain.

+ RIKO's solid wood eco-prefab system @ TreeHugger. "The walls are panellized and shipped complete with windows and doors. Three full houses were shipped in five trucks and assembled in central London in five days.".

+ Home Depot's Code Orange products designed by the Arnell Group. Via Everything And Nothing. "Home Depot says it hopes the fire extinguisher's design will induce homeowners to keep the product in an accessible place, so it will be useful in an emergency, unlike those extinguishers hidden in the closet.".

+'s expandable accordion translucent foil Zoom Light designed by Floyd Paxton. Via the style files.

+ Pluto's vine-like ME201S newspaper stand. Via :::dECOR:::.

+ Kikkerland plexi LED clock @ Collectiv in Highlands.

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