New Orleans Rebirth
by / September 5, 2006

That last post on Cubo Arquitectos’ emergency shelter got me thinking about Katrina. It’s been a year since the disaster and despite the hardships life has slowly returned to the beleaguered city. How do I know? New Orleans based wallpaper maker Flavor Paper sent us an email; “Flavor Paper would like to thank each and every one of you for your support over the past year. The outpouring of sympathy and concern we received from you in the days following Katrina really helped us get through those tough times.”. The email goes on to say they reopened 10 months ago and have launched a new line of wallpaper called New Orleans Rebirth, and created the Flavor Saver Foundation to provide resources to the New Orleans community, and ask that we “please help rebuild one of the most unique, original, and inspirational places we have on Earth by supporting New Orleans vocally, politically, and financially from afar and physically by coming to visit. We'd love to have you!”. More at design*sponge.


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