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by / September 5, 2006

Recent submissions.

+ From designer Damian O’Sullivan, “This weekend Andre Agassi played his last game of professional tennis, bowing out as he did against the 11 year younger Benjamin Becker. Three years ago, [I] designed a tennis racket for HEAD Sport AG bearing Agassi's face on the blade of the racket. Although the tennis racket was never produced we would hereby like to show it one more time as a last tribute to the great man of tennis.”.

+ Joost Wever’s Artificial Happiness lamp, “Each flower can be taken out and has a small light bulb that is fed from the bottom up through the core and jacket.”.

+ NMDA, Neil M. Denari Architects' Alan Family House renovation / extension project. “The family has asked that 1,000 sf be added to the site in addition to the existing 1,000 sf house. They have also asked that the architecture serve to articulate their identity as a ‘family brand’ that is unique to their unit.”. See Current Projects> Alan Family House.

+ Florent Lasbleiz’s Angelique coffee table not only looks like dominos but can be arranged like them too. His Lit de Camille bed is modular and multifunctional. WARNING: website contains mind-numbing navigation (and I speak french).

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