Tesla Roadster
by / July 20, 2006

We've never featured a car on MoCo Loco for a multitude of reasons (we're more interested in the home + there are plenty of car blogs) but will make an exception because of what Martin Eberhard of Tesla Motors calls "punishment cars". Punishment cars are former electric cars that were "slow, cramped, spartan" that looked like electric cars. Martin has made a sports car that goes 0-60 mph in four seconds, and more importantly, looks like it guzzles gallons of gas. It doesn't. It's all electric. I won't dwell on the details, there are many, read the scoop/exclusive in Wired magazine. So what of "punishment cars"? The Tesla illustrates the power of design to transform. What should "normally" be a sensible electric vehicle, is now a hot car. Design communicates. It's hard to imagine today that something desirable for, let's say it, it's sex appeal, can also be sustainable. The Tesla is proof that you can get your cake and eat it too, design plus sustainability that doesn't look sustainable. This is how the rest of the world will adopt sustainable products and practices, by buying products that look great, work great and leave a small footprint. Sustainability is a feature, not a product.


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