WoW Screenfridges
by / July 17, 2006

These concept fridge designs, based on the LCD screen fridge, are part of Electrolux’s “War on White” (WoW), and are simply fridges with decorative designs on the outside. The basic Screenfridge is a refrigerator equipped with a computer and a touch screen on the door. This story has been bouncing around the Internet in various forms for a few months. In fact, a whole series of Electrolux appliances are getting the WoW treatment, not just fridges. It’s all inspired by different design disciplines outside of the appliance industry, such as fashion, interior design and architecture. WoW's goal? Says Henrik Otto, Senior Vice President Global Design at Electrolux; “it has become clear that now more than ever, people want unique products that allow them to express their individuality through their choices”.






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