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I wasn't sure about the contemporary content of this show, but a quick visit yesterday set me straight. Flora's artistic director Raquel Penalosa (who I first met at IGF) has an eye for MoCo design, both object and garden. For example, there wasn't a $3 garden chair in sight, but there were Dedon obelisks, some Gehry chairs by Heller and Frog Design Chill chairs. The show was much larger than I expected, covering a vast expanse in Montréal's sprawling harborfront. In fact, the show borders both sides of an old canal that empties into the harbor, and makes good use of the water as a feature for the gardens on either side. The show is a mix of traditional gardens as well as contemporary, so of the 50 gardens on the site, easily half are in the latter category. After the jump, the SOGO garden, Small Office Garden Office, Blue Stick Garden, the sustainable lawn and more.

Dig Garden Design's Small Office Garden Office (SOGO) garden designed by Lizzie Taylor and Dawn Isaac.

Claude Cormier's Blue Stick Garden.

Janet Rosenberg + Associates SFUMATO garden.

Landscape architecture students Catherine Philibert, Isabelle L'Ecuyer and Josianne Garon-Labrecque's PLOC garden. "Drought has arrived. The green lawn is a thing of the past. Those perfect emerald green carpets that covered our suburbs -- subject of so many trivial rivalries -- are nothing more than desiccated weeds. PLOC is a consciousness raising peace that pushes visitors to learn about new solutions and use their imaginations in an effort to find sustainable planning ideas for the future.". "Ploc" is an onomatopoeia, the sound of a drop of water.

Catalyse Urbaine's Between Earth and Sky garden.

Jack Merlo Design's Cocoon.


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