ICFF 2006: Didi Dunphy
by / June 13, 2006

Didi Dunphy's Jack Rocker Joggling Board (above) is for those corporate balancing acts, "hmmm, profits or people"? Kidding aside, the Joggling Board and everything else in her Recess line of interior play furnishings is actually intended for the office. It's all upholstered so that the kids won't hurt themselves and this season, it's all black and white with tattoo-like pinstriping. Check out the Swing, the See-Saw, the tuck n' roll Inside Skateboards and embroidered Indoor Longboards after the jump. And if you think Recess is fun, Didi is funner, a genuinely nice person with the right ideas for balancing work and play.

+ modernconvenience.com

Designer Didi Dunphy demonstrating the business of balancing on the Jack Rocker Joggling Board.

"The new Swing Set with Tiara Frame: glittering black laser cut tiara set on top of swing poles and a new crown and wing custom embroidery on a patent leather seat.".

See-Saw with Mod Screen in the background. "Mod Screen: define your play area with this custom room divider with graphics designed after a Southern gothic iron fence and a 'tunnel' dug out under the fence to sneak through.".

Upholstered skateboard.

Skateboard detail.


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