Maude Décor
by / May 1, 2006

PMB Designs, the creators of some of the most vibrant hand-painted floor art I've ever seen, is expanding their scope and changing their name. The entirety of the canvas floor coverings collection is now available as hand-knotted wool rugs and many of the floor art designs are also now available as archival print wall art. Says Patricia Baun of Maude Décor, PMB’s new name, “I am inspired by the purity of geometry, it’s elegant simplicity of line and form. With my new collection (examples above) I wanted to introduce a gestural quality to my work and looked to shapes and structures within my environment that had a more organic sensibility, for example: the glare from street lights at night during the rain, the grass beneath my feet, the wayward lines of extension cords strewn across my studio floor, and the very cellular structure of my body.”. Baun also continues to expand upon Maude Décor’s custom work as well and has incorporated designs into everything from room dividers, to headboards, to tile design. Examples after the jump.


Maude Decor hand-knotted wool rug and custom tile design.

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