This Week at Art MoCo
by sabine7 / January 27, 2006

The week at Art MoCo started off with the sylphs of Kelly Tunstall, but we also took a look at the Treehugger Project, environmental art that makes superb use of twigs and vines. A great take on nature lovers.

Joe Zucker’s bold mixed media diptychs are handily self-contained, one half of the duo being the lid for the other section. More mixed media we looked at this week were the collages of Lance Letscher.

Anthony Goicolea’s Shelter Series of photos was an intriguing and provocative look at communal living, complete with masked characters.

Christopher Williams brought forth Eighteen Lessons On the Industrial Society, an exhibition of his latest photographs, all very clean and sharp, while Nikola Savic’s paintings are a macédoine of shapes and colours.


More at Art MoCo.

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