David Adjaye: Houses
by / July 10, 2005

Recycling, Reconfiguring, Rebuilding.
This book is architect Adjaye's first monograph. He’s 38 years old and already an accomplished architect with an international portfolio. The more I get to know about the business of architecture, the more I realize how great that accomplishment really is. You see, Adjaye is Tanzania-born, is thriving in the UK and is doing it building cool (some would say cold) minimalist buildings. The book blurb sums it up well, his “practice combines material inventiveness, creative clients, and modest budgets to produce a refined and comprehensive body of work.”. That’s another way to say houses that most people would never buy, let alone look at. But if you like minimalism with an art sensibility, this is a good book for the collection. Hardcover, 13 houses profiled, 256 pages, 430 illustrations, 162 in color, $29.70 at Amazon.

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First two from left, Elektra House (on the bookcover) and Dirty House right.


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