Favorite (offline) Magazines Part II
by / May 1, 2005

We have many favorites, for different reasons. Here are the others:

Interior Design
The MoCo trade magazine for interior designers. If you're in the interior design business, and do modern or contemporary, you probably subscribe to this mag. Itís somewhat technical, with a focus on new materials, materials technology, and lots of profiles of the elements of design; wall coverings, floorcoverings, accessories, etc. Each issue features a good balance of residential and commercial (ďcontractĒ) projects from around the world. Itís all the hottest stuff, with no ďhipĒ pretense. They donít need to, itís a trade mag. Not the place for affordable prefab, itís more like carte blanche.

+ interiordesign.net
+ Interior Design at Amazon

Metropolitan Home
The first consumer MoCo mag (itís 24 years old), and the only one with no website(!). MetHome pioneered "the peoples'" modern design mag genre, with its focus on reader interaction, ie., MyHome, Dr. Swatch, and the annual reader design awards. Itís now a little more upscale than when it first began, edging ever closer to Elle Decor, but still the source for the best before and after renos.

+ Metropolitan Home at Amazon

The bleeding edge. The resource for the latest trends in design; all types of industrial design, architecture, fashion, even beauty products. If it is design, lifestyle or travel of the moment, itís probably in Wallpaper. To whit, this month thereís an article on the new Camper empire hotel, Casa Camper (See "Creators of Foodball").

+ wallpaper.com
+ Wallpaper at Amazon

The other bleeding edge, with more industrial design cred. And, in addition to WP*'s design, lifestyle, & travel, Surface adds graphics, film and music.

+ surfacemag.com
+ Surface at Amazon

A design magazine published in the Netherlands, similar to FRAME, but with a difference. Youíll find MoCo design and architecture, alongside modern art, gardens, antiques and museums. Of all the magazines that purport to be about the next thing, Objekt is usually already exploring the sources of the wave after the next thing (I know, mixed metaphor). And, unlike its peers on this list, itís published only three times a year.

+ objekt.nl
+ Objekt at Amazon

And there are other design magazines we like; Metropolis, I.D., Architectural Record, Casa Brutus, GA Houses, AXIS, HAUSER, Abitare, Interni, 34, Pol Oxygen,... just not enough time to write about them all.


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