Favorite (offline) Magazines
by / April 17, 2005

We have many favorites, for different reasons.

Here they are:

Dwell: At home in the modern world.
The unofficial home of prefab modern, California based Dwell brings that left coast view to the worlds of modern architecture and modern design. Focus on residential architecture and design, natural materials, sustainable design, accessibility and affordability. With its contests, and through speaking engagements, Dwell is increasingly a force and a voice for intelligent sustainable architecture in the land of supersized homes.

+ dwellmag.com
+ Dwell at Amazon

The leading contemporary design magazine in North America (it's got Patrick Jouin's S1 stool on the cover this month). If MoCo Loco was available on paper, AZURE would be it, and it's made in Canada. Focus on residential, commercial and institutional architecture, new materials, and the very latest design. Every issue features a designer/architect interview + portfolio, as well as some sections that speak to the interior design trade.

+ azuremagazine.com
+ AZURE at Amazon

The irreverent Brits. The UK rivals Italy for the center of the design universe and icon documents it (icon covered Jouin's stereolithography in their November 2004 issue). More artsy than most design mags, icon likes to do what art does, provoke thought. Or just provoke. Focus on residential, commercial and institutional architecture and design, but covers cars, urban design and fashion too. All that's trendy from London.

+ icon-magazine.co.uk
+ icon at Amazon

The it mag for contemporary design. Everyone's here first. The Dutch, the Danish, the Deutsche, and the Japanese for the bleeding edge of design and architecture. They cover more commercial design than I care for, stores and restaurants, but for the latest stuff, it's hard to beat.

+ framemag.com

Next week, the other mags we like: Interior Design, Metropolitan Home, Wallpaper, Surface, Casa and Objekt.


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