Meta MoCo - 02 APR 05
by Admin1 / April 2, 2005

This week's MoCo picks + submissions.

+ Adam Ross' Capsule pillow. One of many affordable, functional art objects at eleventwentyfive. Apartment Therapy via NYTimes>

+ Neither The Long Tail nor the Thank You Tail can save Smart. The same day as the Super Spike!

+ Look closely. ESCAMA's chainmail handbags are "crocheted by hand using spun thread and 100% recycled aluminum tabs". TreeHugger>

+ Form follows emotion. Bottlecap follows Magppie Bottle Opener (by Karim Rashid). Cool Hunting>

+ The new beanbag? "Adamís Temptation, the apple that Leolux has snatched from paradise for you". DesignMatcher>

+ Inspired by totems of the Native American Tribe, Luzifer's natural wood Sioux lamp collection. Land+Living>

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