Flatpak House by Charles Lazor
by Admin1 / April 1, 2005

Metal/wood-encased foam panel house.
IKEA practically invented flat packing (they certainly perfected it), creating modular furniture that, when disassembled, can be packed flat in a box for shipping. Architect Charles Lazor has now created a modernist house that packs flat for shipping. He should know how, his furniture company Blu Dot makes furniture that can be flat packed. The house is made of glass, concrete, metal, wood, or cement fiberboard panels with different colors and finishes. The advantage of a panel house over a typical prefab is flexibility in dimensions. You're not limited to the width of a flatbed truck, as you are with prefab modules. You can assemble any number of panels to get the dimensions you want. Lazor calls it "manufactured architecture".

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