The Nature of Dwellings : The Architecture of David Hovey
by Admin1 / January 23, 2005

This was sent to us by Sally at Green Alchemy. David Hovey is an architect-builder. I recently read this in Wired about architect-builders, "Architects usually avoid the specifics of construction in order to sidestep liability for faulty results.". Hovey has embraced the specifics of construction in a big way. Among the many projects he's designed and built, The Saguaro Forest at Desert Mountain stands out. The Nature of Dwellings examines these "houses (that) merge into the landscapes in which they're situated, and with names like Cloud Chaser and Rain Maker". I haven't seen the book, yet, but the photography at the Saguaro website is sharp.

+ The Nature Of Dwellings at Amazon


78 Shadow Caster Trail in the Saguaro Forest at Desert Mountain.

138 Vanishing Rain Drive.

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