Unit Desk Clock by Giovanni Pellone
by Admin1 / January 12, 2005

Towering desktop clock.
"The Unit clock stands tall on four strong legs, visible from the distance, rising above the surrounding landscape (and your desktop clutter) like the clock on ancient bell towers." I need a clock tower to go with my desktop Stockholm. Unit was designed by Giovanni Pellone, one of the founders of Benza, the manufacturer/distributor of Unit and a bunch of other interesting clocks and accessories. Stockholm is by PlaySam, home of some highly attractive, shiny toys.

Designers: Giovanni Pellone, Ola Wihlborg
+ benzadesign.com
+ playsam.com

Benza's Unit clock and PlaySam's desktop Stockholm.

Benza Sticky clock - they stick up with self-adhesive Velcro� (hook and loop fastener).

Benza polar fleece Pin-up clock.

Benza American Plumbling vases.


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